American Management Associates, LLC



About Us


American Management Associates began operations in 1974 with the goal of being the best at health care collections. We specialize in health care collections, and all our staff are certified through the National Health Care Collectors Association.

We recognize that using the latest technology helps to be the most efficient in our collection process and other services. We also ensure that the highest security methods are in place to protect the data entrusted to us by our clients and their customers.

Our objective is to maximize collections by effectively managing the collection process implementing compassionate ways to help Customers pay their accounts in a reasonable, timely fashion.

The Mission of American Management Associates is to facilitate the conversion of existing self-pay account receivable into cash and prevent, when possible, future patient admissions to the hospital of uninsured patients by assisting the uninsured population in our county in obtaining health insurance coverage or an appropriate means of payment for their medical services.

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