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Collections - American Management Associates, LLC is a Collection Agency licensed in the the state of North Carolina. We specialize in health care collections with all our staff being certified through the National Health Care Collectors Association. Our goal is to be the best at collecting past-due health care related accounts for our clients.

Payment Processing - We recognize that each Customer has unique circumstances. We try to find compassionate ways to help Customers pay their accounts in a reasonable, timely fashion. Some Customers can pay in-full without any problems, but others need to make recurring payments. Some Customers like to pay in-person, some through the US Postal Service, others over the phone, and some through our on-line payment portal. Regardless, we try to accomidate each Customer to the most convenient method of their choosing.

RetroCheck - Customers with health care bills may have Medicaid coverage of which the Creditor is not aware. The RetroCheck service helps to identify eligibility for these individuals even if they were not eligible on the date of service but became eligible retroactively. For more information on this service, visit the RetroCheck web page.

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